How to Configure Mail Settings on iPhone and iPad?

Managing or changing mail settings on iOS devices is now an easy task.  Apple has added some interesting and useful features to the iPad and iPhone. With just a couple of taps on your iOS devices, you can easily make all sorts of configuration or customizations to your Email accounts. You can easily customize various stuff such as mail preview options, swipe actions, display of flags, email signature, and threading, etc.

Here is how to manage or configure Mail Settings directly on your iPhone and iPad:

How to Get Alerts When Someone Replies to the Email

Here is how to receive notifications if someone responds to the Email:

  • First of all, open the Settings app directly on your home screen.
  • Hit the Notification tab there.
  • Now, scroll your page until you get the Mail option.
  • Then, hit the Mail icon to launch the Mail app on your iOS gadget.
  • Turn on the switch located just beside the option “Allow Notifications.”
  • Next, select the specific Email ID that you desire to manage.
  • Now, press the Sounds tab there.
  • Choose the particular sound that you want.

How to Manage Email Accounts

Follow these steps to manage your Email accounts on your device:

  • Open the Settings app directly on your device’s home screen.
  • Then, scroll down your screen in the Settings menu until you view the Mail icon.
  • Hit the Accounts tab there.
  • Click the particular Email account that you desire to manage.
  • Now make the modifications as per your desire.

How to Change Preview Lines

Follow these steps to customize the preview lines:

  • Open the Settings page on your device.
  • Then, locate and tap the Mail option. You need to scroll your page a little to find the same.
  • Select the Preview tab and then choose the number of lines to modify the mail preview display.

How to Display To/Cc Labels

Pursue these instructions to display To/Cc labels in your mail:

  • At the start, launch the Settings app on your screen.
  • Then, hit the Mail option. Scroll your page if needed.
  • Hit the switch tab located just after the option “Show To/Cc Labels” so that the toggle converts to green.

How to Change Swipe Options

Follow these guidelines to change Swipe Options on your screen:

  • First and foremost, open the Settings app directly on your device.
  • Then, scroll down the page to locate the Mail app. Once found, hit the same.
  • Now, press the Swipe Options.
  • Next, hit the Swipe Right or Swipe Left option to customize your side options.
  • Hit the Flag or Move Messages option to set up the slide direction.

How to Toggle “Ask Before Removing”

Here are the steps to toggle the option- ask before deleting:

  • Open your Settings app directly on the Home screen.
  • Then, hit the Mail tab. You can scroll the list for quick searching.
  • Now, click the tab located just after the option “Ask Before Deleting,” so that it turns to green.

How to Enable Remote Load Images

Below are the guidelines to load Remote Images on your device:

  • At the start, open the Settings menu on your device’s screen.
  • Then, hit the Mail tab. You can search the same quickly by scrolling your page.
  • Hit the option located just after “Load Remote Images.”

How to Organize Mails by Threads

Follow these steps to manage Mails via threads efficiently:

  • Open the Settings app directly on your Home screen.
  • Then, find the Mail app by scrolling down the list.
  • Hit the relevant tab available just after the option “Organize by Thread.”

How to Collapse Read Messages

Pursue these instructions to collapse read messages:

  • Hit the gear-shaped icon to launch the Settings app.
  • Locate and hit the Mail tab.
  • Now, press the option located after the Collapse Read Messages tab.


Mail Settings can be easily managed or customized by following some useful tips on iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has added various features and tools to make customization easy. One can easily change the preview appearance, swipe setups, threading tasks, flag orientations, and more.

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